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Eagle Engine - Ameritech IndustriesThe EAGLE ENGINE overhaul to "zero time" NEW ENGINE LIMITS and current factory
offers the best value per hour for Lycoming and Continental engines.

Eagle Engines' Overhaul Procedures include:

  • Engines disassembled and cleaned for visual inspection and 10 power visual aid
  • Non-destructive testing of steel parts by magnetic particle inspection and ultrasound where applicable
  • Non-destructive testing of aluminum parts by liquid dye penetrant inspection
  • Cylinders either overhauled or new cylinder options available (see below)
  • Manufacturer's mandatory replacement parts included (where applicable): Camshaft, lifters, pistons, piston pins, ring sets, valves and guides, rocker arm bushings, rocker shafts, inner and outer valve springs, valve keepers, roto coils, piston pin bushings, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, bushings, nuts and bolts, counterweight bushings, pins, plates and rings, internal springs (oil pressure, starter clutch where applicable), seals, and gaskets
  • Accessory package included (varies by engine model)
  • Cadmium plating of external hardware where applicable
  • Alodine corrosion treatment and painting of aluminum castings prior to assembly
  • Cylinders port matched and checked for efficiency to exceed factory new engine specifications
  • Crankshaft assembly is dynamic balance checked with counterweights, bushings, pins and internal gears installed to exceed factory new engine specifications
  • Connecting rods are checked for stretch and alignment and then balance checked to exceed factory specifications
  • Crankcase oil galleries are cleaned and pressure checked. All crankcase studs are torque-checked and replaced as required. Crankcases overhauled and Tobin-Arp line-bored as applicable to assure factory new fits and tolerances
  • Hydraulic lifters are matched by bleed-down rate to assure optimum valve train operation
  • Engines assembled start to finish by one FAA certified technician
  • Engines are then test run on an FAA certified test cell using flight propeller and governor for full systems operations verification
  • 1 Year Warranty, pro-rated to TBO (see official warranty for details)

  • Also Available:
  • Eagle Engines' precision flow-matching of cylinders to within 1% and engine balancing to within .5 grams
  • Electronic Ignition available on many engine models

Cylinder options:
New: ECI, Superior, Lycoming, or Continental

Cylinder Department - Engine Assembly Room

Ameritech Aviation Engine Assembly Room - Eagle Aircraft Engine -  Eagle Engines

Ameritech Aviation Engine Assembly Room - Eagle Aircraft Engine -  Eagle Engines

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